Our Approach

Pre Production

Project Background and Scope - We start off by obtaining an understanding of the organization and project from the organization's website and discussions with the organization.

Project Discussion Topics

Project Plan - For larger projects we prepare a brief project plan. This ensures that we are aligned with the non-profit organization as to expectations, schedule and deliverables.

Storyline, Script and Shot List - We prepare a storyline and script to detail the structure,the scenes and their content - speaker video (A roll), supporting footage (B roll), and narration voiceover. If the project includes videography, a shot list is prepared as well.

Video Shoot Discussion Topics

Production and Post Production

Videography and Editing - We provide videography services as required for interviews and supporting video footage. We also provide editing of the video following production or as a seperate service.

Best Practices

These are the best practices we use for pre production, production and post production. If the organization is shooting their own footage with a smart phone, guidelines are available for this to ensure best results.

Best Practices
Guidelines for Recording Testimonials with a Smart Phone

Contact Information

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